Herbal Medicine/Supplements

Herbal Medicine/Supplements


Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine pre-dates the use of Acupuncture and Healers by several thousand years. It is this long and distinguished history of Herbal Medicine being practiced on humans that has been used to test its safety and effectiveness.

Many of our modern medications come from these naturally occurring substances. Some of the herbs we use have anti-bacterial, anti-viral or anti-fungal properties. Others can help regulate heartbeat, raise or lower blood pressure, even boost overall immune levels by increasing white blood cell counts.

Herbal Medicine is often used in conjunction with treatment in order to achieve the best and most long-lasting results. An individualized herbal formula is often given to the patient at the end of a treatment to be taken as advised. Most often the patient will take the prescribed dose 3 times a day until the condition subsides or until the next follow-up appointment.



We also understand the benefit of high-quality supplementation for substances that may be lacking in our diet. These dietary gaps can lead to a long list of disorders and degenerative diseases. We carry only the highest-quality product line available. Our supplements are all GMP certified which means they are processed in a laboratory under the same standards as pharmaceutical grade drugs.

We provide specific supplements for many common health conditions – including arthritis and inflammation – as well as products to help detoxify the liver, kidney, or colon. For females over 45 years old, we may prescribe phytoestrogen (soy supplements) to help ease menopausal complaints and calcium supplements to help with bone density. Please see Dr. Sam Ho for more detailed information on our full line of high-grade products.

The benefit of supplements cannot be overstated. Incorporating the right supplements into your daily regime will further enhance the results that you will achieve from following your exercise, nutrition, and health coach plans.

Optimize your health & wellness, increase energy levels, maximize your metabolism, and obtain youthful, glowing skin can all be achieved by following any individualized supplement plans.

We also sell Metagenics Nutraceuticals & Anabolic Laboratories supplements.