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At Chiropractic Plus, the chiropractic techniques include low force adjustments (ie. Decompression, Activator, Leander, Spinal Traction and Pelvic Blocking) and/or a more traditional hands-on approach (ie. Diversified, Thompson and Gonstead).

In addition, our Chiropractor is skilled in the treatment of primary and supportive injured muscles and ligaments with several different myofascial release and relaxation techniques, including spinal adjustment

Eurotech table

Adds a few more dimensions in the treatment of “spinal disc conditions.” It is designed to allow for true decompression of the spine with total ultimate flexion. With this unique table, our doctor can move your spine in rear lateral flexion, rotation, axial rotation, circumduction, and figure 8 movements.

Leander table

Specifically designed to adjust an “acute low back” with a gentle flexion and distraction movement. On this table, our doctor can administer different styles of manipulation for each individual patient.

X-ray facility

We also have an X-ray facility to evaluate our patients quickly. No need to send our patients out for pictures during an extremely painful moment. No more waiting in the hospital for hours just to take an x-ray, and no more waiting for weeks just to find out the result of the x-ray study from the radiologist.


Our doctor treats patients with an array of symptoms ranging from:

  • Spinal disc compression and herniation

  • Low back and hip pain with sciatica.

  • Headache, dizziness, and stiff neck from auto accident

  • Numbness and tingling down legs and arms at work

  • Shoulder and knee injury from sports-related trauma

  • Arthritic joint stiffness and pain


We also understand the benefit of high-quality supplementation for substances that may be lacking in our diet. These dietary gaps can lead to a long list of disorders and degenerative diseases. We carry only the highest-quality product line available. Our supplements are all GMP certified which means they are processed in a laboratory under the same standards as pharmaceutical grade drugs.

We provide specific supplements for many common health conditions – including arthritis and inflammation – as well as products to help detoxify the liver, kidney, or colon. For females over 45 years old, we may prescribe phytoestrogen (soy supplements) to help ease menopausal complaints and calcium supplements to help with bone density. Please see Dr. Sam Ho for more detailed information on our full line of high-grade products.

The benefit of supplements cannot be overstated. Incorporating the right supplements into your daily regime will further enhance the results that you will achieve from following your exercise, nutrition, and health coach plans.

Optimize your health & wellness, increase energy levels, maximize your metabolism, and obtain youthful, glowing skin can all be achieved by following any individualized supplement plans.

We also sell Metagenics Nutraceuticals & Anabolic Laboratories supplements.

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